Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Low Tide
Corner Brook


Glen Hartjes said...

Nice photos Martha.
I was in Newfoundland two summers ago, what a great place for photography. I'll keep a eye on your blog to get ideas for my next trip.
I have a slide show of my trip on my blog under older posts.

Martha said...

Hi Glen, thanks for your comment, I will be sure to check out your slideshow and new photos.

gwentman said...

Hello Martha
Greetings from Wales. Nice variety of photos. Can I invite you to look into my blog where you will see quite a few different types of pictures and some which may look familiar. I hope you enjoy them all.

Martha said...

Thank you Gwentman. Just visited your blog and did find some that were familiar, left a comment as well. Thanks again for the invite.

Lloyd said...

My favourite topic. I love the infinite variety of the seashore.

The green algae, though not friendly, is nevertheless colourful. Nice shot!

Martha said...

Thank you Lloyd!