Monday, July 30, 2012

Steady Brook Falls

Marble Zip Line

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I decided to get harnessed up at Marble Zip Tours in Steady Brook.  I was about to get airborne and fly down over the mountainside dangling from only a couple of cables while racing some 50-60kms an hour and 285 feet up in the air!  Being one of the last to go, the tour operator gave a non-chalant but reassuring nod and said "now walk off the platform"!  The thought crossed my mind to turn back, remove my harness and leave with all bones intact but the desire to see something from a different perspective swept me away and off the platform.... I am thrilled to have gathered enough courage to finish all nine lines, even more so to be here writing about it!  And in my opinion there is NOTHING more breathtaking or more beautiful than the view from number 3 zipline! This line takes you soaring 50 feet (est.) above the falls and steep cliffside, a sight I'll never forget! By the end of the two hour tour we were all making plans to go back again!  Check their website here.

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