Saturday, November 7, 2009

Whiteouts & Blowouts

This was taken two years years ago in whiteout conditions on the Trans Canada Highway on the west coast.  Interesting story though here....upon nearing a bridge I slow my car down to about 60-65km, while going over the bridge the car suddenly hits a "crater" and goes down into it with a bang.  The car then veers off to the right until I gain control and bring it to a stop, get out and realize two of my tires are perfectly flat!  A few minutes later this young man hits the same pothole and blows one of his tires.  Within 20 minutes a third car takes the same route, pulls over and is able to change his tire and so moves on.  There just happened to be an accident up ahead and while talking to roadside assistance for a tow truck, he tells us we would have to wait until the wreckage is removed from the road, etc.  We waited for over an hour and a half for the tow truck to appear but were both glad to be making our way home with cars in tow.  Four busted tires all in all (that I know of) and no sign posted on the highway. ...Wonder if the Dept of Highways ever got around to putting one there after we put in a call to them!


Lloyd said...


Glad to see you back, though I don't enjoy being reminded of what is waiting ahead for us for the next few months.

Martha said...

Thank you Lloyd! ...No I'm not looking forward to the long winter months ahead either but I'm sure despite that we'll have a "time" or two in between! :o)