Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Lucy phone
Western Electric 302 telephone

I thought I'd sneak in a little something different even though it's another of my hobbies - restoring old things. This is a 1936 Western Electric 302 telephone I bought off E-bay and later restored it to working condition. I just need to convert the old wiring and connect it to the wall jack! It is often called the "I Love Lucy Phone" because it appeared in so many of the show's episodes. The I Love Lucy doll was found at a huge local doll sale held just recently so I purchased it and now use it as a prop sitting next to the phone!! It makes a great coversation piece!! ...These phones were in use in Newfoundland in the 30's to early 50's and there are still a few of them lying around in attics and garages. 302 models which have been fully restored and cleaned have sold on ebay for as much as $378US!


Lloyd said...

Not only a fascinating subject, but an interesting composition. I saw this phone when it was completely disassembled and doubted if it would ever be put back together, much less work again. I obviously underestimated the skill of this very talented lady.

Martha said...

O Ye of little faith!!!! It helped to take pictures of the wiring before it was taken apart!! The camera comes in handy for other things such as this! It was alot of fun dismantling it, cleaning it and seeing it come back to life again but the best part came after hearing it ring and listening to my brother's voice on the other end! ...Thank you Lloyd, now if I can only get to work on my body to make it look like Lucille's!!

verdeclip said...

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Martha said...

Hi Lina, it was nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments. There's nothing wrong with your english, in fact for someone just learning you are doing great! I will be sure to check out your blog. Thank you!