Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Ptarmigan
Lady Slipper Road

I never considered looking for birds or wildlife to take shots of but in the weeks prior to spotting this little fella I managed to see several birds I had never seen before or new the names of, ie, sandpiper, yellow legs, immature ruby-crowned kinglet, and osprey! To tell you the truth I never paid much attention to anything that moved! My thing was scenery, it's much easier to photograph! But these little creatures opened my eyes to a whole new world and an interesting one at that. This little one was spotted along with its mother who after awhile didn't mind me pointing the camera at them from only a few feet away. He/she stopped long enough to pose for me before heading off into the brush after its mother.


Lloyd said...

Some people have all the luck! With a camera ready, you never know what is going to cross one's path. This is beautiful and a rare shot. Momma does not appear to sense any danger. Usually they will go through all kinds of antice to lure you away from their little ones.

Martha said...

Thank you Lloyd! Momma went off into the brush and left her little one to fend for itself while still making a call to him/her every few seconds! I wondered why she didn't stay close, she had two chicks, I guess you're right she probably didn't sense any harm! I wanted to pick the little one up but thought I'd better not! ...It was quite a surprise to see!!